Cupcake Ooh La La!

After reading The Lemonade War, students in Wendy Graves' first-grade class at Western Avenue Elementary School in Geneva, Illinois, hosted a cupcake stand. They named it Cupcake Ooh La La! (Jessie would have approved of that marketing technique!)

Well, clearly Cupcake Ooh La La was a huge success, because the first graders raised $236—which is a lot of Mooh-la-la! They donated the money to Lazarus House, an organization that provides safe shelter, food, and a range of support services for adults and children in need of help.

Nice job, first-graders! Proving once again that #KidsCan!

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Western Avenue Elementary School

Lazarus House


#KidsCan Collect Cans

Wow! Have you ever wondered what 3,438 food and personal hygiene items would look like if they were all collected in one place? Here's your answer.

The amazing students at Bells Elementary School in Bells, Texas, (population 1,392) launched a Food War after reading The Lemonade War. Each class battled valiantly to raise the most items. And the winners were...

The Mighty, Mighty Fifth Graders! As victors, they won the right to paint their school principal yellow like a lemon! 

But the real winners were the people helped by The Bells' Community Care Center, which is where the students donated all the collected items.

Awesome, Bells!

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Bells Elementary School

About the Food War

The principal painted yellow!

Bells' Community Care Center


To Market, To Market

When fourth-graders at Charleston Day School in Charleston, South Carolina, heard about the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, they decided to take matters into their own hands. That meant putting their entrepreneurial skills to work to host a holiday market with a twist: the proceeds from the market would help fund First Book's hurricane relief effort. (First Book is a non-profit dedicated to putting books in the hands of kids who need them most.)

The annual holiday market is the brainchild of Caitlin Tobin, a fourth-grade teacher at Charleston Day School. She launched the market five years ago to accompany a class reading of The Lemonade War. After reading the book, students apply for jobs at the holiday market, choose the products that will be sold, staff production lines, and market the event.

This year, the students raised more than $1,500 for First Book, which means that approximately 500 books will find their way into the hands of children affected by the hurricane.

In past years, Ms. Tobin's classes have donated their holiday market money to clean water projects and food programs. Who knows where these kids will have an impact next year? One thing is for sure: in learning some important lessons about how to run a business, these students have also learned the most important lesson of all: people always come first.

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First Book

Charleston Day School

Blog post on the holiday market

Interview with author Jacqueline Davies


...and If the Weather Turns Cold

Lemonade becomes hot chocolate!

The third-graders at Sorgho Elementary School in Owensboro, Kentucky decided to launch a wintery Hot Chocolate War after reading The Lemonade War. All proceeds from their hot chocolate stand were donated to the school's Family Resource Center, which provides support and services to students and their families at Sorgho ES.

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Sorgho Elementary School




A School of Cool Kids and One Rad Dad/Dog

Bradfield Elementary School students and their families in Dallas, Texas, read The Lemonade War as a One School One Book event. When they finished reading, they decided to bring the book to life by hosting their own friendly lemonade war. It was a battle of the Boys versus the Girls and...the Girls won, but it was oh so close!

When all was said and done, the students raised $7,300 in just three weeks. The girls raised $3,897 of the total amount. Great job to both teams! And what a school-wide effort!

The money will be donated to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a national childhood cancer foundation dedicated to raising funds for research into new treatments and cures for childhood cancer.

The One School One Book program was supported by the Bradfield Dad's Club and the Bradfield PTA. Awesome!

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Bradfield Elementary School

Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Park Cities People newspaper article


We All Need a Friend in a Storm

When Hurricane Harvey struck parts of Texas, kids from all over the country responded with help.

The students at St. Mary's Episcopal School in Edmond, Oklahoma, raised $425 by selling lemonade. They donated their earnings to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort.

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St. Mary's Episcopal School


Lemonade Goes to Court

Students and teachers at elementary schools in Great Bend, Indiana, held a community-wide lemonade stand in front of the courthouse during the Great Bend High School Homecoming Parade. The goal was to raise money for the children in Texas Schools that were hit by Hurricane Harvey.

After the lemonade stands "court appearance," the colorful stand popped up at schools and other locations for four weeks, gathering donations and selling lemonade.

Evan and Jessie learned a thing or two about our court system in The Lemonade Crime, but it looks like the kids in Great Bend could teach a lesson of their own about community caring.

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Riley Elementary School

Jefferson Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School



The Great Lemonade War Winner!

Erpenbeck Elementary School in Florence, Kentucky, is the 2017 winner of The Great Lemonade War! Congratulations!

The Great Lemonade War is an annual, nationwide contest that raises money for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. ALSF is a nonprofit that helps fund research in pediatric cancer treatments. The goal is to end cancer in children.

ALSF was started by Alex Scott, a girl who battled childhood cancer before her death at the age of eight. Today, her parents, Liz and Jay, keep alive Alex's vision of ending childhood cancer by continuing her work with the Foundation.

For The Great Lemonade War, every year schools across the nation read The Lemonade War and then compete to see who can raise the most money for ALSF. The winning school gets a visit from author Jacqueline Davies and either Liz or Jay Scott.

Erpenbeck Elementary raised $4,626 for ALSF. Over the past three years, the school has raised over $11,000 for Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Now that is powerful!

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Watch the WCPO Channel 9 News Story

Erpenbeck Elementary School