Welcome to JACKIE’S Personal Initiative...

to put new books in the hands of kids who need them. If you are a teacher, school librarian, or administrator at a Title I school who would like to give new, quality books to your students for them to keep—forever—then this is a good place to start.

Here's How It Works

First, register below. It will take less than five minutes. The registration form asks for some basic information about you and your school, which will never be shared with anyone for any reason. In the form, you will also choose the books you want to give to your students, confirm that your school is a Title I school, and sign the pledge that you will distribute these books to students to keep. These books are not meant to be added to a school or classroom library. The purpose of this initiative is to give young readers new, quality books that they can own forever.


Once a month, kids+books will use a random generator to choose one or more registered participants. Then we will ship a carton of books to those teachers, librarians, or administrators at their school address. There is no cost for the books and no cost for the shipping. Free books to give to kids. Period.

Currently, kids+books is sending cartons of Jackie’s books because of her discount on these titles; the discount makes this initiative financially possible. However, you'll notice on the registration form a "Grab Bag" option that includes multiple titles by multiple authors. These are new books JackieI buys at local book events in support of local authors, and so these books are often signed by the authors themselves. But it's a "what-you-get-is-what-you-get" option—there's no telling what books will be included, though they will all be new, quality books.


Have Questions?

Please feel free to contact Jackie’s assistant, Melissa Barr, with any questions you have about this program: melissa@jacquelinedavies.net. And please, if you would kindly spread the word about this initiative to other teachers, librarians, and school administrators, kids+books would very much appreciate it. Thank you!