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Please take a look around. There's plenty of information on my books—including the Lemonade War series. And there are lots of resources for teachers, librarians, and booksellers.

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For instance: A slideshow of some of my favorite photos.



If you are, then you are my hero. You show up, every day. Some days are good, and some days aren't so good. But no matter what, you show up. It's your super power, and I am in awe. I have lots of resources to help teachers in the classroom, including Teacher Guides, Classroom Activities, and Reading Lists.

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Being a bookseller in the twenty-first century is an act of courage. I salute your passion and creativity. And I'm committed to helping independent bookstores thrive by actively supporting their efforts to put good books in the hands of young readers. It takes a village; consider me part of your tribe.

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